A Tale of Two – Valentine Story, part 1 of 9

This is part 1 of a 9-part story.

It is a brief part of the story – all nine parts are brief.

My main purposes are to create an image for each part of the story, and to generate some interest for the next parts of the story 🙂

I think it is a rather cute story, just a little early – or late – for the season. (I have a Christmas story, too. I’m looking forward to dusting that off, as well.)

On to part 1 of “A Tale of Two”… and Thank you for reading!

Once upon a time

in a land not so far away

there lived a hermit by himself,

yonder, near the bay.

A quiet man, he, with a meek and mellow style.

Alone at night, he would fish from the pier for awhile.

(c) 2017 Lisa A Ramsey, www.livingcodependent.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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