Temporarily Out Of Office, plus a little surprise for you.

Hi guys,

I appreciate your patience with me over the past AND next few weeks. I haven’t been keeping up with my posts, especially my children’s Valentine story/poem that I started illustrating (amateurishly, but it’s been fun so far). I don’t know how much I’m going to feel like posting, or how soon after surgery.

My surgery date is five days away. I am getting work on my neck (cervical) as well as my lower back (lumbar). As expected, I am losing functionality in my hands and arms and getting weaker in my legs. Even brushing my teeth, I’ve officially passed off to my left hand this morning (I’m right-handed).

My hubby is trying his best to keep me in line, making sure I don’t overwork myself – reminding me not to sit at my easel or get too involved in creating, writing, crafting, because of how I end up feeling after. However, just the thought of moving in that direction has become work to me.

I’m going to give you the entire poem here. I expected to just roll out a section every couple of days, with some neat illustrations, but it hasn’t been happening as expected. I do intend to pick back up with putting together some pictures once I start feeling back up to it.

In the meantime… Please enjoy! I would love your feedback. If you like it, let me know by clicking the Like link, or drop a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading! I will be back soon.

Without further delay, I present to you my Valentine’s Day story, A Tale of Two.

A Tale of Two

by Lisa A. Ramsey

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away,

there lived a hermit by himself, yonder near the bay.

A quiet man, he, in a meek and mellow style

alone at night would fish from the pier for awhile.

On the other side of town dwelled a woman of taste

who lived by the book, so prim and so chaste.

Not caring for society or its intruding displays,

she bundled herself up in her own quieting ways.

One February morn found him hiking to town,

his silvery gray hair tucked under his hat of brown.

And she, under her parasol, dawdled and pranced;

her mind in a melody, singing of silent romance.

Upon a twist in the road and a turn of the heel

they collided with a bellow and a gently-gasped squeal.

With amends he retrieved her shawl she had lost;

she sighed and replied a pardon at her cost.

He whistled and he cooed when he gained himself her sight,

whilst she blushed and flushed in her own lustful plight.

Never before—no, not once before that day

had she ever felt in such a wonderful, heartfelt way.

For him the case was exactly the same:

not ne’er bit of that feeling had e’er set him aflame.

Time stops, it is said, for those first falling in love—

Their egos replaced by a feeling they were once empty of.

A new color is added to the rainbow in the sky

with a fragrance and symphony no one else can deny.

She fluffed her long dress and smoothed her dark hair

and emitted delight at what he might find there.

Without delay he took himself upon bended knee

and asked her at once, “Will you marry me?”

Her thoughts in a scurry, her cheeks all aglow

(for a virgin was she, as you all well know);

after a hem and a haw, she offered her Yea,

and they were promptly wed on that Valentine’s Day.

(c) 2017 Lisa A. Ramsey


All Rights Reserved

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